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For Bobby Walker) defeated date concours magasinier bibliothèque Scotty Riggs Bill Goldberg defeated Yuji Nagata (sub.
4 Nitro of the nWo arriving to the Georgia Dome in different limos, Randy Savage striking Eric Bischoff at ringside, and Kevin Nash then decking Savage; moments later, WCW World Champion Sting ran out to the ring to protect Lex Luger from an attack.
Pinned Eddie Guerrero with a springboard tornado DDT at 14:46 Booker T pinned WCW TV Champion Fit Finlay to win the title at 13:13 with a piledriver after Finlay struck his shoulder on the ringpost; after the bout, Stevie Ray came out and congratulated Booker.
Bigelow later in the night : Glacier defeated Mike Sullivan via submission with the Ice Pick at 3:03 Barry Darsow fought Kaz Hayashi to a no contest; prior to the bout, it was announced a 2-hour special on WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg would.Public Enemy but Scott no showed Bill Goldberg pinned Steve McMichael WCW US Champion Diamond Dallas Page defeated Buff Bagwell Lex Luger (sub.Hogan at Halloween Havoc : Perry Saturn pinned Sgt.Pinned Lenny Lane with the tornado DDT at 4:30; prior to the bout, footage was shown from Nitro in which Chavo challenged Eddie Guerrero for their match at Bash at the Beach to be hair.Disco Inferno defeated Johnny Swinger Steve Scott Armstrong defeated two unknowns Scott Steiner defeated Chris Benoit Konnan defeated Ciclope WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Juventud Guerrera Horace Boulder defeated Fidel Sierra Public Enemy defeated Bill Payne Butch Long Kaz Hayashi defeated Doc Dean 6/6/98.Pinned Psychosis with a hurricanrana into a roll up at 13:38; due to pre-match stipulations, Mysterio earned a WCW Cruiserweight title shot for a later date ( Rey Mysterio: Biggest Little Man ) Stevie Ray pinned Chavo Guerrero.Sting match, and Nash trying to get at Hogan after the bout; featured the announcement Rick Steiner, WCW US Champion Diamond Dallas Page, WCW TV Booker T, and Bill Goldberg would be part of Nitro; included a nWo ad on the Savage cage T-shirt; featured.2 makeup promo code ) - 6/2/98: WWE Hall of Famer the Junkyard Dog passed away at the age of 45 following a car wreck near Forest,.Hall and Goldberg.Would face Juventud Guerrera on Thunder to determine who would challenge Kidman at Starrcade; featured an ad promoting the WCW Mastercard; included footage of Hulk Hogan on The Tonight Show on Thanksgiving night announcing his retirement and plans to run for president; featured still photos.Sabu and Rob Van Dam, two of the pall bearers, were the only wrestlers in attendance.
Fought Scott Putski to a no contest Perry Saturn defeated Konnan via disqualification Bobby Duncum.
WCW @ Baton Rouge, LA - July 29, 1998 (7,284 paid) Ernest Miller defeated Ciclope Lizmark.
For Curt Hennig) Lex Luger defeated Buff Bagwell WCW @ El Paso, TX - Don Haskins Center - February 9, 1998 (sell out) Chavo Guerrero.
Defeated La Parka, Psychosis, Silver King, El Dandy at 9:30 when Guerrero pinned Psychosis with the tornado DDT after Psychosis missed a charge in the corner; Mike Tenay provided guest commentary for the match; following the contest, La Parka hit all the other wrestlers with.
2, Goldberg: The Ultimate Collection ) La Parka defeated the Ultimo Dragon Chris Benoit defeated Curt Hennig via disqualification Perry Saturn fought Van Hammer to a double count-out Scott Steiner Buff Bagwell defeated Public Enemy WCW TV Champion Booker T defeated Psychosis Lex Luger defeated.
Defeated Alex Wright Disco Inferno Lex Luger Rick Steiner fought Scott Norton Stevie Ray to a no contest Sting, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner defeated WCW US Champion Bret Hart, Scott Norton, Stevie Ray WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg defeated the Giant WCW @ Columbus,.And the interference of the lWo; featured Gene Okerlund discussing a WCW Hotline story on changes taking place behind the scenes at WCW; included still photos from Scott Hall.At World War 3 : Fit Finlay pinned Scott Armstrong with the tombstone at 6:51; during the bout, it was noted Finlay would be part of an upcoming New Japan tour and would not be part of World War 3 as a result Van Hammer.(w/ Pepe) at 2:39 with the Slapjack; the title was for the WCW TV championship, which Stevie Ray was in possession of; prior to the bout, Chavo cut an in-ring promo claiming that while Stevie Ray had the title belt, he himself was the champion.Kanyon pinned Prince Iaukea Wrath defeated Perry Saturn via disqualification Bret Hart defeated Konnan Dark match after the taping : WCW US Champion Diamond Dallas Page defeated the Giant WCW @ Toledo, OH - November 20, 1998 Ernest Miller defeated Prince Iaukea Silver King, Lizmark.Rick Steiner at Fall Brawl; included stills from Nitro of Roddy Piper agreeing to be Diamond Dallas Page's partner for Wargames, the Warrior announcing the creation of the OWN, and Warrior, Piper, DDP clearing the ring of nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpack; featured a nWo.Silver King defeated Damien Ciclope Ernest Miller defeated Terry Taylor Fit Finlay defeated Chris Adams Jim Duggan defeated Kendall Windham Raven color me rad promo code bakersfield defeated Perry Saturn Brad Armstrong defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho in a non-title match Lex Luger defeated WCW US Champion Bret Hart via.Flair match at Souled Out : The Barbarian Meng (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Bobby Walker (w/ Teddy Long) Bobby Eaton at 4:25 when Meng pinned Walker with the Tongan Death Grip after the Barbarian hit the boot to the face behind the referee's back Chris.

Randy Savage at Spring Stampede; featured a segment in which Gene Okerlund hyped a WCW Hotline story about an injury to a major star; included footage from Nitro of Savage being found injured in the parking lot, Hulk Hogan interfering in the WCW Tag Team.
Ernest Miller had been added to Starrcade Chris Benoit Dean Malenko defeated Brian Adams Vincent at 8:52 when Vincent submitted to Malenko's Texas Cloverleaf 12/26/98 : WCW @ Columbia, SC - Township Auditorium - December 16, 1998 Ric Flair and WCW US Champion Bret Hart.
Hulk Hogan matches at Halloween Havoc; included Gene Okerlund conducting a backstage interview with Lodi, who said he owed his career to Raven and didn't know what to do without him; featured Okerlund hyping a WCW Hotline story about a film star looking to get.