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Citation needed Surgical edit The traditional, surgical techniques for breast reduction remodel the breast mound using a skin and glandular (breast tissue) pedicle (inferior, superior, central and then trim and re-drape the skin envelope into a new breast of natural size, shape, and contour; yet.11 Composition edit Surgically, the breast is an apocrine gland overlaying the chest attached at the nipple and suspended with ligaments from the chest which is integral to the skin, the body integument of the woman.You may decide to have breast reduction surgery to: Feel more comfortable.Disclaimer, this leaflet is designed to supply useful information but is not to be regarded as advice lunettes de soleil femme promotion specific to any particular case."A new periareolar mammaplasty: The 'round block' technique".Reduction mammaplasty may be used to correct asymmetry of the breast, where one breast is very much larger than the other and where it is considered to be the least normal of the two.11 Surgical techniques edit Pre-operative matters edit The medical treatment records for the reduction mammoplasty are established with pre-operative, multi-perspective photographs of the oversized breasts, the sternal-notchto-nipple distances, and the nipple-toinframammary-fold distances.A hospital stay of up to three days may be needed for recovery.
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13 Anatomy of the breast edit The procedure edit A reduction mammoplasty to re-size enlarged breasts and to correct breast ptosis resects (cuts and removes) excess tissues ( glandular, adipose, skin overstretched suspensory ligaments, and transposes the nipple-areola complex (NAC) higher upon the breast hemisphere.
Approximately 10 of women experience some loss of sensation in their nipples.Breast reduction surgery is normally performed by a surgeon with advanced training in plastic and reconstructive procedures.Most of the volume (ca.Wearing a surgical bra 24 hours a day can help reduce swelling and support the breasts while they heal.Kakagia,.; Fragia,.; Grekou,.; Tsoutsos,.It is very important that you discuss thoroughly with your surgeon beforehand the size of breasts you wish to achieve.

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Although red and swollen at first, scars typically fade over time.